Many Homeowners wonder why power washing / pressure washing is such a popular choice when it comes to removing stains and keeping buildings and the like clean and free of damaging elements such as mold and mildew and other organic growth.

The reason why pressure washing / power washing is so popular is because it is relatively simple, as well affordable. Have the professionals at Pacific Exterior Cleaning do it for you, it’s simply an effective way to extend the life of the siding on your home, your driveway, paths that lead up to your home, your patio, or any other surface that is looking a bit dingy.

Pressure washing / Power Washing is a great choice because it can safely remove the mold, mildew, dirt, and other stains from just about any surface.Not only does it remove the materials from the surfaces, it does it with out damaging the paint, finish, or overall appearance of the surface that you are working with. You can hire a professional for as little as $75.00 per house. Anyone that wants to preserve their home beautifully will probably consider power washing at some point or another.


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